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Máy may 2 kim cố định Jack JK-58420C-005
Mã sản phẩm : JK-58420C-005
Giá : Liên hệ
Mr Mạnh:
0986 196 920
Mr Hùng:
0934 482 818

Máy may 2 kim cố định Jack JK-58420C-005
Model : JK-58420C-005
Thông số tham khảo : 

Double-needle lockstitch machine with needle advancement disconnecting needles for light medium materials. The machine is used to run parallel to the finishing line on the details of the product (cuffs, pocket flaps and zones Coquette). The machine is designed for sewing outerwear, overalls, denim clothes, bags, furniture upholstery.

 The main advantages of the machine:

Can perform a parallel line or be used for decorative stitches. Low noise and vibration, good performance stitches. Standard shuttle. Model disconnecting the needle. Tripping mechanism allows the needle needles stay, regardless of the other simple movement of a lever that enables easy and convenient performance of finishing lines at the corners.

Mezhigolnoe standard length, mm

6.4 (1/4)

Platform Type


Stitch type


Type of material

light, medium 

Stitch length, mm

Up to 5

Type of promotion

and lower conveyor igolny

Number of needles


Type the bobbin


Type of Lubrication


The height of the presser foot lift, mm

hand - 7; Knee - 13

Maximum speed sewing stitches / min


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